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Streaming cloud services

Cloud computing is already everywhere, so we don’t need to prove it’s usefulness. We use it every day and almost in any area. Cloud computing allows the implementation of different modern technologies like Big Data or DevOps. In some cases, cloud migration is an important step for further business growth. Cloud services have a lot of benefits in multiple areas and today we’ll talk about streaming cloud services.

You surely use some of the following services: YouTube, Twitch, Vevo, Spotify. These are cloud streaming services. Thanks to them you can watch videos and listen to audios online in real-time. How is it possible and what is important for streaming services? Let’s have a look at the streaming services work and organization.

How does cloud computing help streaming services?

Actually, streaming services exist thanks to cloud computing. Cloud platforms provide the following benefits useful for streaming:

  1. Continuity. The lifestreaming means continuous connection and broadcasting without pauses and delays. Streaming can include video, audio or games. For example, on Twitch you can play the game and broadcast it for your audience. Pauses in this process will spoil the main idea of streaming, so continuity is very important for streaming.
  2. Scalability. When you run the stream, the audience might grow exponentially and very fast, so it is important to have the scalability of the system that can withstand a large flow of users. Cloud computing allows using as many servers as you need at any time and use fewer resources when you need less.
  3. Reliability. Streaming must have a good and stable connection for broadcasting. That’s why cloud platforms are better than on-prem servers. If you have trouble with the cloud server, you automatically move to another server. If you have trouble with the on-prem server, your work is just stopped.
  4. Multithreading. Streaming services use cloud computing for providing multithreading. It is important for the quality and speed of broadcasting because of the number of users.

As you can see, cloud computing provides all the important functions for the screaming.

How to make own streaming service?

Cloud streaming services open a very big area for personal and business growth. People can find their calling as a YouTube blogger or streamer thanks to these services.

As for business, you might create your own streaming platform and maybe become as popular as companies we have listed. So, what do you need for making streaming service?

Maybe, the most important thing is to find a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) who will help you to accomplish your ideas. MSP companies usually have a wide experience with different projects and a set of best practices they have proven to be useful. When you come up with the idea and explain it to the MSP, they provide you a dedicated team that can accomplish your plans.

The dedicated team might include different specialists like developers, DevOps engineers, QA engineers, system administrators and others. The line-up depends on your needs. When the team is ready, you create the plan and strategy with them, and after that, the work starts.

Creating the streaming service might include a lot of steps and need different specialists. The MSP will recommend the specialists and the dedicated team will advise you on how to accomplish the idea in the fastest and efficient way.

The second way to create the new streaming service is to hire all the necessary talents in-house but it will take more time and you’ll be limited by location.

Wrapping up, we can say that cloud computing is the basis of the streaming services and without a cloud, you can’t create an efficient streaming platform. Streaming as a phenomenon is very popular nowadays and it is useful for both individual people (both viewers and streamers) and for a business that wants to develop in this area.