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At Buy Neopoints.Net, we’re highly aware of the amount of neopoint selling sites that exist on the web. While we would like to believe that this page will help you choose to use, we know that regardless we’re offering a public service by publicizing some of the bad and horrific practices other sites perform out of sheer greed, and not necessity. It is our hope that knowing this you will do as much to protect yourself from these bad sites as possible, by choosing reputable and professional sites (such as

Q: Why are your prices higher than some other places?
A: What a great question. If price is your only concern, then you’re likely going to get scammed. We charge a slightly higher (though in most cases comparable) price because of the qualify of service we offer. Price is often indicative of experience and or service.

Q: Will I get frozen on Neopets for buying from you?
A: Honestly? It’s a possibility. There is no way to guarantee you won’t be banned or (“frozen”). We take every possible precaution we can to greatly reduce the risk of this occurring (more than most sites, by far), but some things do happen. Past experience shows our methods have a very low problem rate.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Simple answer is, unfortunately – no. Due to the nature of the service or goods that we are offering (virtual) a refund is simply not possible once delivery has commenced. If delivery has not been completed, you may request a refund. Special circumstances may also force us to offer a voluntary refund instead of filling an order due to multiple factors (listed shortly).

Q: Why are you not selling Neopoints now/Why did my order get refunded?
A: As mentioned previously, we take many precautions to help prevent getting our customers’ accounts banned, as such, there are circumstances such as order amount, or volume in which we do not feel comfortable doing business. We would rather not deliver 20M neopooints in one day, even though it means we make a bit less money, it compromises our level of security and trust that customers have placed upon us. If this occurs, you may me asked if we can offer a refund, or delay delivery slightly until conditions occur.
Refunds are also given for other reasons, but this is the most frequent.

Q: I’ve been frozen. Is there any way I can receive a refund!?!
A: No. Because the transaction occurs between two parties, there is no way to determine who is at fault (liable), and the exact reason the ban occurred. Empirical data suggests that the greatest number of banned accounts results when a customer does not follow our recommendations about having a spare account on a new IP/Email, etc. We do everything we can to prevent this. If you’re interested in using again in the future we would be happy to negotiate a reduced price; but are, again, unable to issue a refund. We apologize.

Q: I forgot to send you my username or other information, where do I send it?
A: [email protected] – Please make sure you provide transaction information so we may identify your transaction and properly assist you. You may also attempt to contact an agent through the live chat on the Contact Us page.

Q: Why did you say you can’t find my order information? What do you mean??
A: Most times you will receive this response when you contacted the wrong site which you purchased from. We’re aware there is another site with almost the exact same name, just a different domain extension, .com. We are not related to them, and as such, have no way to access the transaction data, as the transaction did not occur with this site. Sorry!

Have another question? Contact us and we will be happy to answer it!