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How it Works!

When most people reach Buy Neopoints, they’re either questioning buying some neopoints, or just very curious about people the process as they might know someone who does ,and want to achieve the same wealth as them, without having to spend hundreds of hours a month restocking or playing useless games. Whatever the reason, we want to explain a little bit about how the process works, and why you should choose BuyNeopoints.Net over the countless of other sites offering an inferior product at a higher premium (price).

The hardest part for any new shopper online, or in the Neopoint realm is feeling at ease, you don’t want to expose yourself to financial risk, or excess risk of losing your Neopets account. Most people have entertained the idea of buying neopoints to enhance their gaming experience, but only about 10% of players who ponder the idea will actually purchase. We’re not here to pressure you in to purchasing if you’re not comfortable with the process, or us – but regardless we want to explain the process as simply and easily as we can to help make your decision easier.Step 1. Placing the order

The moment you place your order, the wheels start turning (assuming you have providing all the necessary account information). We process your order, add it to our secure databases, confirm payment has been received, and if necessary, verify payment information with Paypal. Once everything has the green light, we contact our exclusive suppliers to obtain your soon-to-be neopoints from a source we can verify is safe, reliable, and posing little risk to your account. This is the first place where Buy Neopoints is different from other sites, we do not purchase neopoints from random users (though dozens of players do attempt to sell to us every month, we ignore them).

Step 2. Preparing your account

Now that we’ve begun processing your order, it’s time to make sure that you have the necessary precautions taken on your account to ensure delivery is possible. (Note: If we are unable to deliver your Neopoints for any reason, a refund will be given). We advise all customers create a spare account not associated with your main or primary account, on a different email address and if possible, a separate IP address. Once your account is ready and created, you should setup a shop for some junk items, in doing so, make sure you put up for sale enough items at a price which will equal (or as close as possible) the total value of your purchase. You can price them at whatever you want (50k, 99k) – Doesn’t matter, just ensure the total value of all items adds up to your purchase.

Step 3. The Wait

For most customers, this is the most difficult part, it sometimes takes a few hours (in some cases, a day or two [depending on order volume] to receive your Neopoints. During this period, we more than welcome emails with any questions to check on order status, or anything else you may be concerned about. If you receive an email from our staff stating that your order is undeliverable, we urge you rectify the problem as soon as possible. It may be something as simple as forgetting to price an item, or you provided us with the wrong username, or you didn’t create a shop. Whatever it may be, it’s imperative that you fix it, the sooner you do, the sooner you will receive your neopoints!

Step 4. The Delivery

Once your Neopoints have been delivered, you may (or in some cases may not) receive a notification from our systems. At this point it’s best to transfer the items/neopoints to your main account (in any manor you deem appropriate), and proceed to self freeze the account used to receive the neopoints. We take many precautions to prevent freezing, but even the best plan is only as strong as the weakest link. If you are not proactive about your purchase, you greatly impact the result of your account being banned or not, so we urge vigilance in clearing shop history, donating any items you have that are excess, etc, and then self freezing the account.