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Neopets Faeries

Faeries are magical creatures that can bless pets with a variety of abilities. They can be found throughout Neopia, but they are especially prevalent in Faerieland, a kingdom ruled over by Fyora the Faerie Queen.

There are six primary types of faeries, all associated with one of the elements. The most common of these are Water, Light, Air, Fire and Dark, but there are a few more unique faeries as well.

The Tooth Faerie is a special kind of faerie that gives Neopoints when people lose their teeth. She also has a special ability that allows her to transform into a unicorn, making her even more enchanting than ever!

These faeries can be found in various locations across Neopia, including Mystery Island. Some of them are shopkeepers, while others travel in search of adventure!

They have appeared in a number of neopets plots, most notably in The Faeries’ Ruin where they played a major role in keeping mysterious dark wraiths at bay. Some have even been heroes or villains in neopian history, with the Space Faerie saving Neopia from Sloth’s mutation ray and Queen Fyora imprisoning the Darkest Faerie for a thousand years.

Their appearances have changed a great deal over the years. The Space Faerie’s original image gave her a severe, haughty look, and she’s since softened up a bit and has acquired a smile on her face. Her wings are still regal and butterfly-like, but they’re much larger than when she first appeared!

She’s now wearing a purple outfit, with some purple hair and some purple wings! The Battle Faerie’s appearance has also changed significantly over the years. She’s not as brightly purple as she used to be, but her hair has a less reddish sheen than it did before! She also now wears armoured Uni clothing.

Her wings are now a deep sapphire color instead of a lighter blue. She’s wearing a new petpet, and she has a new set of eyes as well!

While a lot of neopets artwork has changed over the years, many of the faeries have stayed pretty consistent. They’ve been updated to better match the latest neopets era, and some have had their looks modified for their current positions.

The Darkest Faerie

Originally, the Darkest Faerie was an ancient faerie imprisoned for a thousand years by Queen Fyora, but after she managed to break her prison she escaped and returned to the surface of Maraqua intent on exacting revenge on the Faerie Queen. She is currently attempting to take over the entire realm of Neopia, but she’s only got so far!

There are a few other neopets faeries as well, including the Tooth Faerie and the Space Faerie. These faeries are usually more colourful than other ones, and they have often been redrawn to be a bit more feminine.

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